FAQ - Portrait Ordering

How do I order my portraits?

Ordering information will be returned to you with your proofs 2-3 weeks after your photo session.
You will have the option of ordering online, by mail, over the phone, or in person.
If you have not received your proofs within 3 weeks of your photo session, please call 800-736-4775 for more information.

How many proofs can I order from?

You may order from as many proofs as a package offers. If you are ordering individual portraits, the prices will be given for multiple poses or an extra pose charge will be added.
When ordering from more proofs than a package offers, extra pose charges may be added.

How long will it take to receive my order?

From the time Prestige Portraits receives your order, expect 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Please plan accordingly.

What does retouching include?

There are 3 types of retouching available:

  1. Basic Retouching* Removes facial blemishes. This retouching is included with all ordered poses.
  2. Premium Retouching* Removes ALL facial blemishes, Plus...whitens teeth, evens skin tone and softens lines (applied to all ordered poses) for just $20 when added to a package or $40 a la carte.
  3. Custom Retouching* For more extensive retouching including braces, scars, tan lines, etc., consult your sales representative or call 1-800-736-4775.
*Proofs are not retouched.

How long are my portraits kept on file?

Prestige Portraits will keep your digital photos for up to two years after the date of photography.